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ecoplanet provides solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, aromatherapy and agricultural industries in close cooperation with our customers and partners for the need of ingredients.

Our customers profit from our specialist strategy by gaining quick access to high level specialist knowledge, excellent support and customized integrated solutions. 

We manufacture and source natural ingredients like herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils, career oils, oleoresins, aromatherapy products, food additives, teas, herbal teas, dry flowers etc.

Integrated Approach

Integrated and collective Approach is the concept that comprises how we work with our customers. It means that our customers can benefit from ecoplanet's expertise on many steps in the value chain, from product development to final production, marketing and sale.

Application and industry expertise

ecoplanet follows a specialist strategy, which gives us a deeper understanding of our customers' processes and the markets they operate in. By focusing on our strengths - and not diluting our competencies - customers get the most innovative and effective solutions. By working with a specialist partner our customers benefit from:

  • Quick access to specialists with vast application knowledge

  • Superior understanding of markets and needs

  • Innovative ingredient solutions backed by extensive R & D studies

  • Individually adjusted solutions

  • Improved process control

Recent Challenges

ecoplanet has chosen the integrated working partnership approach as a response to new requirements in the food industry. In more and more segments, there is an increasing demand for a flow of new and existing product variants. Today many consumers are looking for an experience - not just a known product - when buying for example a soft drink, and expect to find easy-made dishes from the whole world on the supermarket shelf. Producers in these industries need to be innovative and move fast, in order to stay ahead.

Our success as a global ingredients supplier is therefore no longer just a matter of quality ingredients and technology alone. Creativity and knowledge of product development, application, production processes and consumer trends in our customers' industries are just as important.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve the quality of life of people by bridging between nature and mankind.

All our actions and all our products are aimed at fulfilling this Vision. The competences we have in ecoplanet should be aimed at driving this overall passion.

We believe in the consumers' right to choose freely and have the final responsibility for their own health. We also respect the great variation in taste and perception of food quality throughout the world.

We intend to be the preferred source of ingredients supply and associated services within our business areas globally.


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