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 Natural Super Nutrient for Entire Family

Price in India:
INR450 for 90 capsule bottle
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ecoplanet Spirulina

When it comes to choosing the most proactive food supplement that can work wonders for your body, nothing can better Spirulina.

What is spirulina?
Spirulina, blue green algae with its rich blend of nutrients is being developed as the "food of the future". This super food has the most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and pigments in the most natural and easily absorbable form.

Why do you need spirulina?

Spirulina is a unique source of health protective phytonutrients (plant nutrient) that work in synergy to support continuous release of energy through the day, thereby fight fatigue and also helps to build resistance. It is a complete comprehensive, natural food supplement best suited for all age group.

Children (below 10 years) - 1 capsule per day
Adults - 2 capsules per day

Exceptional constituents in Spirulina that contribute to high energy levels 

Polysaccharides Rhamnose and Glycogen

Absorbed easily by human cells and help in energy release 

Essential fat GLA 

Participates in energy release 

B vitamins includes B12 

Participate in energy release 

Better absorbed & utilized in the body 

Efficient transport of oxygen to cells & tissues and wards off mental and physical fatigue 

Improves healthy lactobacillus
level of intestine

Enables the production of Vit. B6 that helps in energy release


Improves and builds resistance


 Composition of spirulina







Fats (Lipids)








Other Nutrients



  1. What is there in spirulina that boosts energy level?
    The unique phytonutrients in spirulina namely Polysaccharides, Essential fat, B vitamins, Iron, Phycocyanin work in synergy to increase one's energy level. Besides, Spirulina is the only vegetarian source of Vitamin B12 a vital nutrient for energy release.

  1. Can Spirulina be substituted for B complex capsules, which are also prescribed for general weakness?

    High doses of B complex vitamins are prescribed for a specified time period as a curative therapy for certain disorders. Spirulina is a wholesome food supplement that contains proteins, minerals, enzymes and plant pigments apart form vitamins. Spirulina is a preventive rather than curative natural nutritional supplement that helps to fight fatigue in a natural way.

    B complex if prescribed for any particular health condition cannot be substituted by Spirulina. But, if B complex is part of your self-medication system then Spirulina would be a better alternative as being natural spirulina nutrients are better absorbed and utilized by the body. Spirulina can also be taken along with B complex medications.

  1. How long should I consume Spirulina?

    Spirulina not being a drug/medicine does not have any specific time period for consumption. However, the benefits of Spirulina are well reflected after a min. period of consumption of 4 months. Long-term supplementation (min. period of 6 months) of Spirulina is proven to have significant health benefits.

  1. What is superior about vitamin B12 in Spirulina?

    Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in energy release and is one of the major factors in Spirulina that contribute to fight fatigue and increase one's level in a natural way.

  1. What is the dosage to be followed, for consuming Spirulina, can it be taken any time of the day?

    The minimum dosage recommended is two capsules a day for adults and 1 capsule a day for children above the age of 4 years. Spirulina is a natural food supplement and hence can be consumed anytime of the day. Although Spirulina nutrients are well digested, it is ideal to consume all supplements after meals, for better absorption of nutrients.

  1. Is there any side effect on consuming Spirulina?

    Spirulina being 100% natural is not known to cause any side effects. Besides it is a whole food and no chemical or synthetic elements are added to it. Also Spirulina is certified by Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore as a "Food Supplement"

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Price in India:
INR450 for 90 capsule bottle
(Inclusive taxes and shipping within India)
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